Training / supporting seniors people in using computer and associated facilities like, web browser, e-mail, files and folders and other software.... (Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Consulting in setting up a general procurement organization , E-procurement specialist for general purchases
Develop or support development of personal or club website, using OVH, WebAcappella or 1and1 facilities.
Teaching business school students on how to set-up procurement organization, to manage suppliers relationship (SRM) and evaluate e-procurement solutions.
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=> IBM France Procurement., E-procurement specialist => Representing IBM France Procurement in professional associations => Associate teacher in BEM / MAI, Bordeaux business School, lecturer in Corvinius University (Budapest) and for a Belgium Procurement professional school.
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=> 25 years in IBM procurement organization, in France, at European and Corporate level, from Buyer to Project manager in shared services entities => Project leader in E-procurement solutions and implementation of procurement organizations for general procurent and services => Speaker in professional meetings about e-procreement and Supplier Relationship management => Teaching general procurement in business schools => Helping friends in using computers, e-mail, internet browser etc.... => Creating personal website and for my golf club.
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